Sunday, October 6, 2013

How Is She Doing? Confessions of an Hyperemesis Gravidarum Husband

It's a Vein, Not a Goldmine.

How is Carrie doing?  The same.  As in not well.  She is now getting IV's.  Which on the one hand means she is at least getting fluid on the other hand it means she is getting poked.  A lot.  4 times for one IV.  And they dig.  Carrie cries.  I hate seeing her in that much pain. 

20 Minutes

She eats very little and when she does eat, she throws up.  Sometimes she throws up even when she doesn't eat.  Our goal is 20 minutes.  If we can just keep something in her tummy for 20 minutes then at least she will get SOME nutrients. 

What Can She Eat?

Popsicles, yogurt, apples, mashed potatoes, soup, and bread are among the things she has thrown up.  She can eat pretty much anything.  She just throws it up after eating it.  I am supposed to meat with a nutritionist next week.  Maybe that will help.  I'll try anything.

Is she taking medicine?

Within the last day we have effectively tripled her anti-nausea medication.  Maybe it will help.  At the very least the extra dosages of Phenergan will make her sleepy enough she might not notice how nauseous she is.

Every morning I give her a bag of IV's along with various medications I shoot into her arm.  It takes about 15 minutes.  I then wait two to four hours for the IV bag to finish draining into her body.  Then I unhook the IV and shoot some more medicine into her arm.  Then I repeat the process at night before going to work.  Now we will add a third medicine time without the IV bag. 

Is She Able to Get Up and Around?

Today the pharmacist and the nurse warned me not to let Carrie drive.  I laughed to myself.  Not the funny jovial laugh but more of a macabre laugh.  Carrie can barely walk 10 feet to the bathroom.  One day she was missing the kids.  She got herself out of bed.  Walked up the stairs.  Went up some more stairs to see if Tyler was home from school.  She pretty much collapsed in his bed.  I bring the kids to her now. 

Okay, but How Is She Doing?

This is hard on her.  She frequently asks, "Why did we do this again?"  She says repeatedly, "help me" which is both a weak whisper for help and a well practiced prayer.  There's not much I can do for her.  I can't take away the pain.  I can't make time go faster.  I can't bring her things to eat she can keep down.  She is hungry but doesn't keep food down and gags on anything more than a few teaspoons. 

May 15th feels like an eternity.


  1. I love you guys. I am praying for you. I also put her on the temple prayer roll when I was there. Tyson you can do this also. Let Carrie know I am with her in spirit and keep that chin up. I wish I could be there to help you guys. I so miss ya. It will be worth it in the end. That is what I always told myself. HANG IN THERE!!!! love Kami Day

  2. Tyson, Carrie! you are in my prayers. It seems like an eternity, but hopefully, if those kids suck everything out of you, they get those nutrients. Carrie is my hero. I can't get brave to do this. I am truly afraid. I may never get there. Phenergen did not help me. Have you tried Zophran? It creates million other nasty side effects, but it helped me for a couple of hours after taking it. I don't claim it will help, I am just throwing this option out there in case it hasn't been tried. I would like to send Carrie a letter. Please, give me your address. (Or anyone who reads this and knows the address, please, give it to me) All I can say, we love you and admire you for this decision.
    PS:Another Question to your FAQ: where are your children most of the day? At home or at the relatives/friends houses?

  3. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this trial. Thoughts and prayers for Carrie and your sweet family.

  4. Hey, Carrie's friend here......Hang in there Carrie! We're thinking of you! Tyson, if you need someone to watch the kids you can always bring them to my house! I live right by your parents. Just message me on facebook! (Melissa Layton)

  5. I'm happy to help watch the kids too! Just let me know.

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