Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Our adventure begins with the blaring of two alarms going off in synchronized tandem, but these aren't alarms you dread, hit once and throw across the room before rolling back over, these are alarms we've been waiting for for almost 10 months, longer if you consider the destinatioin. Still, as we head to the airport, me grinning like a 2-year-old at Christmas, there's no guarantee we'll get on the plane to Atlanta. It's over sold by one, and we're the fourth and fifth on the stand-by list. Or if three people don't make it and three more give up, we're on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Carrie owes me a back rub if we get on the flight, what can I say, I'm an optimist, BYU did beat Oklahoma after all.

The desk agent (not sure if that's the official term) tells us that everyone's checked in, we're not going to make it. So as we start to grab our things and walk away from the gate, she yells at us, "Wait don't go yet!" Not everyone that's checked in is on the plane, so she makes a final call for anyone who hasn't gone through security yet but already checked in to get there quick.

A few minutes later, a few stragglers come in, she tells us that five people haven't shown up, that's when this old couple walks up, presents her the ticket, and get scolded like they're a bunch of twelve year olds who just blew up the family barn. That's okay though, three seats left. She takes our tickets and tells all three of us to just find an empty seat. We made it.

We walk down to board the plane and Carrie gets on, then I'm told to wait. Carrie gets all the way to the back of the plane and realizes that there aren't enough seats. She can go, the flight attendent insists, just take the seat. There's no room on the plane for me. We almost made it, if that twelve year old senior couple hadn't shown up when they did, we would be on our way.

Tyson on his way back OUT the airport.

But they did and so we aren't, but we will be. Not every leg of an adventure is successful, and it wouldn't be quite as adventurous if there wasn't the chance for failure. So for now, our fingers are crossed that we get on that flight tomorrow.

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