Friday, April 30, 2010


I've gotten into a routine of writing a couple of pages only to think about it and delte it from my story. That's slowing down my progress but at least the progress I am making is solid. I am officially to the really fun part.

The characters now are kind of off on their own. They are defining moments when we are forced to go out on our own, make our own choices and live with the consequences. That's when we find out who we really are. What we really want. Gone are the reins of guidance and control from beloved mentors. Now it's our chance to succeed or fail. To race on wild and free.

It's sad that so often when faced with such opportunities that we get distracted by what lays on the side of the road. The treasures; the promise of adventure, of a thrill or glory. Maybe it's that the adventurers begin with no clear purpose and so are ever wandering but never arriving. So they constantly do but never accomplish and what they do accomplish has no meaning. These are the wanderers.

Or maybe our goals are so overreaching that all forms of meaningful relationships fade into obscurity under the oppressive shadow of the task. The goal becomes a monster that swallows everything of value in our lives. These are the exiles.
Then there are those heroes who care. The heroes who go forward not because duty demands it but because they hope to rid the world of darkness. Not only do they seek light but they spread it wherever their quest takes them. They remain fixed to their goals but are not consumed by them. These are the lightbringers.

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