Wednesday, August 4, 2010

?????? Words

When the year started I had hoped that I'd be able to finish writing my first book by the end of year. Now? I'm not sure if I'll be done by the end of next year but I think the story will be infinitely better for it.

I'm learning that as fun as it is to just sit down and write, tell a story, bring a character to life, it is the big picture that moves everything forward and holds the story with it. For me putting together the plot has been a bit like figuring out a million piece jigsaw puzzle. Now what's exciting is I've figured out what I want, where I'm going and how I'm using each piece of that puzzle to create the finished picture. I'll probably have to re-write and remove quite a bit of what I've already written now.

There's some people that say readers can look too far in to foreshadowing, symbolism and any other deeper purpose to parts of a story. I respectfully disagree. Ultimately writing and in its purist form, story telling, is a form of communication. And the story teller isn't just sharing a story, the story teller is sharing a part of himself and that always has a deeper purpose.

I find that there are little bits and pieces of me in every part of the story that I'm weaving. Even though it is a story that I'm making up and purely fictional, ultimately it is my story.

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