Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Goal: Post Once a Week

Really this goal is just an old goal that I didn't tell anyone because then you have to go through with it.

And in honor of the wild ride that this is going to be....

Me and my brother-in-law on a wild ride.

Yes that was two minutes of grown men giggling at Disneyland.

Quick updates:

1) My garden: Raspberries in box 1 are growing like weeds! I'm pretty awesome... well except the raspberries in box 2 all died. I bought more, planted them and now those are growing like weeds. My awesomeness is restored. In box 3 I planted blackberries. They are growing well. My little garden retreat makes me happy. And awesome.

2) My story: After writing close to 9k words I emailed it to Jenn Johansson for some feedback. I'm so grateful. She tore it apart. Did I mention I'm grateful? I finally started to rework it. So far so much better. I'm even trimming where possible.

3) My grilling: We haven't really experimented with anything new. We've just learned the value of marinating food-to-be-grilled in zip-lock bags. Who likes cleaning up a dish covered in oil? I don't. Carrie doesn't. Marital bliss has been restored thanks to zip-lock bags.

4) Other Projects: A) I built a sandbox for my son. Pictures soon. B) I'm trying to convince my wife we need to buy more power tools. I feel she underestimates my woodworking prowess. (I probably overestimate it but I still have all my fingers so that's saying something) C) I'm Ward Mission leader. This is now the 3rd time in the 9 years I've been home from my mission. It is entirely different being a WML in Layton, UT than it is being a WML in Sioux Falls, SD. I welcome the challenge. I just miss my family. Ironic in a way, the Patriarch that gave me my blessing told me this, "Your blessing didn't say anything about a mission. I assume you'll still go on one." D) Since my last post I visited AZ and was able to have lunch with a lot of my high school friends. It was a lot of fun to see everyone. In a lot of ways it felt like we picked right up where we left off. Yes, that's a lot of "a lots" but I felt like alloting a lot of "a lots" under the letter "D".


What's up with blogspot's formatting? You press enter and it skips 4 lines. Add a picture and it throws 8 lines inbetween every paragraph. And why can't they add pictures where I want them to? They always throw them in at the top and it is like David battling Goliath to just drag them right where you want them.


  1. I havent seen this picture before. It takes me back to that very apartment. Good old Stockton. Thanks for the flashback.