Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stuff You Really Needed To Know But Just Didn't Know It Yet

On Falling Off and Getting Back On The Wagon

I had a goal of blogging once a week. That hasn't happened for a while. Oops. Lots to catch up on so here are the "news briefs" as we say in the biz.

On Being Old

I turned 30 years old on July 26th. I don't feel older. I don't feel younger either. For me it is just a number but also a good time to evaluate my life. Am I at where I thought I'd be decades ago? I'm not so sure. Life just turned out differently.

I have learned a few important lessons: It is worth it to spend a couple extra bucks on toilet paper. It is not a good idea to see how far you can go when the gas light turns on. Look before you leap (I have the scars to prove it). Your relationship with family and freinds are worth protecting, nurturing and creating.

On My New Schedule and New Opportunities

The week before my birthday I began a new shift. Instead of producing 30 minutes of news at 6PM. I produce 2 hours of news in the morning. Wasn't happy about it at first but it will allow me to study for and take the GMAT and hopefully get into a MBA program. I'll apply to the U of U and Weber State.

I have also already had a couple of neat experiences. With that much time to fill it allows you the opportunity to have live interviews. They're a different beast than regular news. Sometimes the guests have good information but make for bad television. Other times they are great and you want to give them more time. Then there are those times when they just don't show. It happens. A lot. Suddenly you have seconds to fill minutes of air. I'll be honest. It's a rush. Stressful? Yes, undoubtedly it is stressful. It's still a rush though.

Check out one of the in studio interviews I set up.

Man Adventure: Father and Sons

I went on my first "Father and Sons" campout with Tyler this month (August). My dad came along as well. It is the most fun three generations of Plastow men (or boys) have had in a while. Boys is probably more appropriate. You'd believe me if you saw how my dad and Tyler enjoyed themselves.

I was paranoid and was most pleased I didn't let my son drown in the Weber River. Give me a break. I work in the news business, stuff happens.

Lesson learned: 2 large air mattresses won't fit in a 5 man tent that really only fits 2 grown men and a four year old. Barely. Yes I pumped them up, let the air out, put them inside the tent, blew them up again and admitted defeat before letting the air out again.

On Being A Farmer

We weren't supposed to get any raspberries this year. Whoever told me that, yeah, they lied. We've picked a lot and by a lot I mean a handful at a time. That's still a lot more than none. I can't wait until next year. The blackberries? If I had a stake tall enough, it'd be twice as tall as I am. I ate the first berry today (8/24/2011).

Tomatoes? Well, who knew you could over water a plant that is set up with a nice drainage system. I certainly didn't. Chalk it up to the life lessons column.

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