Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Dada Time

You Probably Think I'm Crazy

For Christmas I gave Carrie a trip.  No, it wasn't an excuse for me to go on vacation.  The stipulation, she go anywhere she wanted.  She just had to be back after 4 or so days.  I was going to take time off of work to stay home alone with the kids.

Now You Probably REALLY Think I'm Crazy

Carrie and her sister Lisa set their dates and decided to go on a cruise of the Bahamas.  They left Tuesday the 4th of October and got back home late Saturday night (read, after the kids were in bed).  They were able to visit Nausa but unfortunately rough seas prevented their second stop.

Enough About Them, Let's Talk About Me (+kids)

I had a plan.  Mother Nature had different plans.  My plans consisted of going to the Hogle Zoo, going to the Tracy Aviary, maybe time at a park, walks...  Mother Nature?  She decided to open up the sky and rain.  Non-stop.  Well, it wasn't that bad.

Wednesday morning as soon as the kids got up I fed them, got them dressed and then tried to get out of the door as soon as possible.  It was 9:30AM when we drove off (I was aiming for 8:30AM).  The sky was overcast but no rain was coming down yet so I decided we were going to the zoo.  We were bundled but we were going.

Just Monkeying Around

It was the perfect zoo trip.  Most of the time when I've gone to the zoo in the past, it's Summer, the animals are hot, I'm hot.  It's okay.  This time it was cool, not cold.  Overcast, not briliantly sunny.  The animals LOVED it.  ALL of the animals were much more active than I've ever seen them. 


Lydia kept pointing and telling me when she spotted a kitty.  I think the bobcat was her favorite.  Tyler said the fox was his favorite, my guess, that means the wolves we saw.  I didn't see a fox.  My favorite, the tigers or the baby elephant that was playing soccer.

I think I was the only boy there over the age of 15 that day. 

What You Don't Sell French Fries?

After doing the zoo loop one and a half times, we went to Gourmandise in Salt Lake.  A couple of sandwiches and French pastries later, we were on our way to the car.  That's when the sky opened up.  Had we stayed any longer at the zoo, we would have gotten dumped on.

He's A Lady's Man

When I ran out to the car to buckle Lydia in, Tyler waited for me under the covered awning.  It was funny watching him go over to a couple of college girls and just start talking with them.  A lot of grown men won't even do that.

"They like tigers too Dada," he told me as I scooped him up and ran with him through the rain storm.  (Okay it was like 15 feet away but it was raining.  A lot.)

(I'll add pics and video clips when I get the chance, which may mean in 3 years)

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  1. You are Super Dad! It sounds like you had fun with them. :-)