Thursday, May 17, 2012

They Clear the Paths to our Dreams: Thank You

Some people are dreamers.  Their thoughts are consumed with what they hope to accomplish.  The plan, they prepare but they never live it.  Maybe they just don't know how.  Perhaps the path is layed before them but it is covered in the messy vines of day-to-day life. 

I am a dreamer.

At times I am lost in my dreams.  At times my dreams are lost from me.

It helps to have someone come along and clear the vines from the path.  Then, with the way set before me, I can leave the safety of being a dreamer, and enter the unknown of becoming a doer.

My wife helps to clear the vines.  She has helped make so many of my dreams become a possibility.  Graduate college.  Find real love.  Raise a family.  Carve a career.  Get an MBA.  Create.  Write.  Build.  Just live it all.

Others have helped along the way as well.  Every dreamer needs those people.  I pray every dreamer receives them.  They're a gift.  Like a good wind on the sea, a fuel in an engine, an outstretched hand, they lift, propel and inspire us to move ever closer to our dreams.

Recently I have had several guides along the way.
As they clear the vines, I've moved forward.
I just passed the 48k mark in the story I am writing.  That's 7k more than last month and I only get a few hours and sometimes a few minutes to write.

I recently built a bed for my son.
I earned a 4.0 my first semester in my MBA program.

None of those things would have been possible without fantastic parents, amazing in-laws, wonderful children, my incredible bride and above all else, God.

Thank you all who clear the vines for those around you.

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