Monday, January 25, 2010

38,277 Words

For the past few years I have been slowly writing a story. I have started, re-worked and edited only to begin again anew probably a half a dozen times. It was always okay, alright, good even, I just felt like, like the characters haven't been satisfied with the way I told their story. Their story that they are allowing me to tell. This time I feel like I have it right and I am 38,277 words into the tale. That's 67 pages single spaced. Sometimes I have to work and dig at it, most of the time it just flows.

I'd love to get it published some day and am fairly confident it is good enough to be but ultimately getting published is not my goal. Finishing the story is. Having something of my own that I can read to Tyler, to my daughter and to my wife. I'm up because I couldn't sleep and as I write this post, well into the quest of mine, I wonder whose journey was more epic Frodo's or Tolkein's?

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