Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yep, I've written more than 2K words in a week. I'll probably write a little more even before I go to sleep tonight. I also have another 10K words that I've written about events in the book that I just haven't gotten to in the story yet.

I feel like I know the characters well enough now that I just put them in a setting and then see what happens.

This week I also discovered a wealth of information out there on the blogosphere for the aspiring writer. I find it admirable that published authors and dreamers like me who want to be published are so helpful in dispensing their wisdom in blogs.

After reading through some of the tips other writers have shared, I've now recruited Carrie to read what I've written. She sad she'd only read what I've read to her. Fair enough. Between me reading to her, her reading and my writing I'm really moving on this work in progress.

Carrie's great at feedback, tells me things like "this character is too perfect, no one's going to be able to relate". I can, I joke before fixing it. I love the honest feedback. I wish there was a way for more people to give me feedback. "You look at pacing" "You check out the characters" sort of the divide and conquer method.

Just thinking about the wealth of published books out there that aren't very well done and thinking about all the submissions editors must receive, makes me glad I'm not an editor.

Enjoy the week, hopefully I'm a few more scenes into my journey by this time next week.

Oh, personally I think Tolkein has Frodo completely beat when it comes to epic journeys.

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