Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Visitors On The Northern Plains

Since Carrie's been so sick during her pregnancy (she's feeling much but not completely better now) we've had a lot of family come visit us to help take care of her and take care of Tyler. Not only has it been an incredible blessing, but it's been a lot of fun to see everyone and for Tyler to get to know his family better, here in our little house (ie apartment) on the prairie.

We got to celebrate Grandma Hillier's (Laurie's, Mom's) birthday with her. Tyler wanted to use his pumpkin to wrap the present. I added the tissue paper. I'm still not sure who enjoys watching Caillou (PBS kids programming) more, Tyler or his Grandma ...

Grandma Joyce (Mom, Joyce) was adventurous, she'd take Tyler on walks. One day Tyler talked her into going down the big hill, to the river and the park. The hard part is coming back when you have to go back UP the hill. All in all, probably close to a mile walk. She didn't take the stroler. (Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and ...)

Tyler wouldn't wear his Superman PJs until his Uncle Matthew showed up wearing a Superman shirt. I think the most frequent sound I heard while Matthew was here was "weeEEEEE". Either from Tyler or his super hero Uncle.
"This one's Tyler's" the little bounder would say as he popped a cookie in his mouth. Tyler loves cooking, I think it goes back to when I would cook while Carrie worked and had to strap Tyler in the baby bjorn to do it. He loves baking even more, especially baking with "Aunt Be-anne" also know to some people as Brianne. Tyler also learned how to say, and Brianne learned how much she says "Darn it". Ha ha ha.
Tyler's Opa (Pops, Dad), who Tyler says has "lots and lots of fuzzies on his head", made sure Tyler had some cars and trains to play with. Usually it's Tyler who asks for "more story" at night but I have my suspicions that his Opa wanted more rocking time too.
Uncle Justin and Aunt Michelle braved sub-zero temperatures to visit. In case you can't see, there's a flowing river behind them. Okay maybe it and the waterfall are frozen solid ... They snuck out for a quick picture before diving back into the warmth. Tyler made forts, destroyed lego towers and tipped over his aunt and uncle with enthusiasm only a 2-year-old could muster.
Lisa also came to visit but I spaced it and didn't take any pics (Lisa, send me some and I'll edit this post). "Lisa mere" (Tyler speech for "Lisa come here".
Thank you everyone for giving up vacation time, holidays in your comfy homes, frequent flier miles, etc and braving the South Dakota weather. You did it all just so you could come out and deal with tantrums (sorry I'll do better next time, I promise ;) ), hospital/doctors visits, middle of the night wake up cries, early morning wake up cries, cooking, cleaning ... I could go on and on. The truth is that we needed help and were blessed beyond measure. You are all our angels. I was thinking about it and realized that we have either visited or been visited by family at least once a month since June. Tyler probably thinks everyone lives just a couple of streets away, not a couple of states away. Wether you helped by taking a turn out here, by praying for us or in any other of the numerous ways we've been helped, I thank you on behalf of my little family.

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